To Curb Frustration, Use ‘And’ Instead of ‘But’

To Curb Frustration, Use ‘And’ Instead of ‘But’

Photo: Jordan Whitt (Unsplash)

If you’ve ever tried to reason with a 3-year-old (or a 4-year-old or an 8-year-old, etc.), you know that it’s often an exercise in frustration.

Your toddler doesn’t understand (nor care) that you have to leave the playground right now because the parking meter has nearly run out and you’ll get a ticket if you don’t. Your preschooler doesn’t care that she has to abruptly get out of the pool because for the next 10 minutes, because it’s “adult swim time” and she’s not an “adult.”


We know it’s not possible for them to have cheddar popcorn for a snack if we have run out of cheddar popcorn in the house; we’re not trying to destroy their mood/day/life, there’s simply no cheddar popcorn left. See? Look! It’s all gone! No cheddar popcorn to be found!

So, what do we do? We often try to validate their feelings (we hear you!), while also explaining the inherently illogical basis for those feelings.

I know you want to swing longer at the playground, but Mommy needs to move the car.”


I know you are having so much fun swimming, but you’ll be able to get back in the pool very soon!


It seems reasonable, sure, but it’s also ineffective. They’re still upset, you’re still frustrated and everyone loses. But former cognitive psychologist Mary Widdicks, writing for The Washington Post, suggests an easy adjustment: instead of using the word “but” in your responses, use “and.” Using “and” allows for the child’s feelings to be true, even when the basis for those feelings is illogical, unreasonable or factually incorrect. Both positions are equally valid.

Here’s how that sounds in practice:

I know you want to swing longer at the playground, AND Mommy needs to move the car.”


I know you are having so much fun swimming, AND you’ll be able to get back in the pool very soon!


Is this a tantrum cure-all? No, it’s not. And it’s a start, Widdicks says in The Post:

Of course, simply replacing a single word in your vocabulary won’t eliminate tantrums or rid the world of parental guilt. Nothing is that easy. And still it’s remarkable what a difference it makes to compassion and understanding. I can believe that the smell of pasta makes my middle child want to vomit AND that he can simply choose to move to a different room. That way, he feels completely valid in his experience of the unbearably foul odor of boiling water and remains in charge of dealing with his own sensitivities. He’s not wrong AND it’s not my responsibility to solve the problem for him.

It validates both their feelings and the reality of the situation. I bet it works on adults, too.

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Microsoft to hold HoloLens 2 press event next month

Microsoft to hold HoloLens 2 press event next month

Microsoft is holding a press event at Mobile World Congress next month, and it looks like we’ll get some details on HoloLens 2. The software giant will hold its event on Sunday February 24th at 5PM CET (11AM ET), and CEO Satya Nadella, Technical Fellow Alex Kipman, and CVP Julia White will all be in attendance. Kipman’s name indicates this will likely be a HoloLens 2 event, given his close involvement with this project.

Microsoft has typically avoided Mobile World Congress in recent years, after killing off Windows Phone. The company used to hold annual press events for Windows Mobile and Windows Phone updates at Mobile World Congress, alongside mobile device announcements. This is an unusual return to Barcelona for Microsoft.

Microsoft has been working on its next-generation HoloLens headset for years. Codenamed Sydney, the headset is expected to include an improved field of view, and be a lot lighter and more comfortable to wear. HoloLens 2 will also include Microsoft’s latest generation of the Kinect sensor and a custom AI chip to improve performance. Microsoft is also rumored to be using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 850 processor inside the HoloLens 2, making it an ARM-powered device.

Microsoft’s press invite doesn’t provide any further clues at what else we’re likely to see at the event. Julia White leads product management of Microsoft’s cloud platform, including Azure, so we’ll likely hear some more about the company’s cloud plans for 2019. The Verge will be covering Microsoft’s press event live from Barcelona, so stay tuned for more coverage on February 24th.

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January 16, 2019 at 11:43AM

In season 2, The Punisher feels like he’s trapped in the past

In season 2, The Punisher feels like he’s trapped in the past

Spoiler warning: This review reveals major plot points from The Punisher’s first season, and it lays out storylines from season 2.

In the first episode of season 2 of Netflix’s Marvel Cinematic Universe series The Punisher, a character asks revenge-driven vigilante Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) when he lost his family. He responds, “There are times where it feels like yesterday. Sometimes it feels like a million years ago.” That’s a telling answer from a character weighing whether he can finally move past the tragedy that transformed him into the antihero The Punisher. Unfortunately, showrunner Steve Lightfoot also seems conflicted about how much The Punisher’s past should define his future, and that indecision produces a season that can’t fully commit to its storylines or themes.

By the end of season 1, Frank had killed or incapacitated everyone responsible for his family’s death, effectively ending his vengeance arc. Season 2 kicks off with him considering a new start in Michigan after spending a particularly nice night and morning with a charming bartender. Her bar just happens to be the scene of an attack on Amy Bendix (Giorgia Whigham), a juvenile delinquent being hunted by mercenaries and the murderous Christian fundamentalist John Pilgrim (Josh Stewart) who’s looking for this season’s MacGuffin. Frank saves Amy’s life and gets embroiled in a plot that’s meant to comment on Donald Trump’s Russian ties and the perils of the prosperity gospel. But none of those ideas are really developed, because Lightfoot and his team instead spend so much time retreading season 1’s plot, the complicated relationship between Frank and his brother-in-arms-turned-nemesis Billy Russo (Ben Barnes).

Much of season 2 is devoted to how Billy dons the mantle of Jigsaw, one of The Punisher’s signature villains, following a climactic fight with Frank that left Billy physically and emotionally shattered. Jigsaw doesn’t remember most of the events of season 1, and his attempts to reassemble his memories can be frustrating for viewers who haven’t experienced a traumatic brain injury and have to watch him relive the entirety of the previous season. He’s guided through this process by psychotherapist Krista Dumont (Floriana Lima). But that plot seems like a leftover from Lightfoot’s time on Hannibal, which produced a litany of stories about psychiatrists with questionable ethics and suspicious relationships with their patients.

Barnes is a tremendously charming actor, which is probably why Lightfoot chose a lighter touch when it comes to the makeup for Jigsaw’s mauled face, rather than re-creating the more gruesome portrayals found in the comic books or 2008’s Punisher: War Zone. Barnes delivers some great performances once his character stops brooding and starts trying to reclaim his life. His struggle is mirrored by Homeland Security agent Dinah Madani (Amber Rose Revah), who Billy shot in the head in season 1, as a particularly dramatic end to their romantic partnership. Portraying the ways people cope with trauma is a worthy goal, but Dinah’s long road to recovery badly undermines a character whose calm competence helped balance the show’s testosterone-driven narrative last season.

Photo by Cara Howe / Netflix

Also sorely missed is Joe Lieberman (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) who served as Frank’s tech-savvy partner and comic relief in season 1, but he sits this season out. Amy’s sass is meant to fill the void, but none of the characters or the writers seem to know what to do with her. Rounding out the cast is NYPD officer and Daredevil regular Brett Mahoney (Royce Johnson) who’s picked up the anti-Punisher torch Madani dropped, and Frank’s wounded-warrior buddy Curtis Hoyle (Jason R. Moore) who gets to see more of the action this time around.

Season 1 of The Punisher was a standout among the Marvel Netflix shows because of the tightly intertwined characters and narrative. Jessica Jones, Daredevil, and Iron Fist all regularly struggle to put their supporting cast members to use when they aren’t helping the title character. All three shows have the subsidiary cast change relationships and career trajectories like outfits in a bid to make them fit better into the season’s overarching narrative. But The Punisher’s season 1 government-conspiracy plot fits together neatly with each character’s personal motivations, inextricably bonding them together, even when it put them on opposite sides of the conflict.

Photo: Cara Howe / Netflix

Season 2 loses that sense of focus and purpose. The writers seem to have an endless supply of puzzle metaphors to reference Jigsaw, but they don’t seem as concerned with how poorly the pieces of their plot fit together. Amy’s plot is so disconnected from Billy’s that it’s largely abandoned for long stretches or only referred to in scenes that are meant to develop the villains pursuing her. It’s hard for viewers to care about a plot and characters when even the writers aren’t engaged with it.

The Punisher still succeeds when it sticks to its basic principles. Frank is more violent than ever this season, which continues to cause tension with his allies, and raise the question of what level of violence is appropriate in stopping violent people. But the “vigilante has to be talked down by his friends before he becomes just as bad as the villain he’s trying to stop” plot would play a lot better if it hadn’t already been done in Daredevil season 3 and Iron Fist season 2.

Photo: Cara Howe / Netflix

Still, it’s a rush to watch Frank fight. Blumenthal’s gravelly voice and thoughtful delivery continue to help uplift even the most melodramatic Frank lines. The Punisher is packed with fantastic action sequences, whether in urban warfare with Billy and his lackeys or in smaller fight scenes like a brawl with mobsters in a gym, choreographed to use as many pieces of weight-lifting equipment as possible. While Frank’s endurance often stretches credulity, The Punisher avoids action clichés like having bad guys attack him one at a time. Blumenthal brings authenticity to every moment, quickly moving from impassive or even genial into hyper-violent when he’s threatened or just needs to make a point. Some of the best laughs of the show come from no-name thugs quickly realizing they picked the wrong guy to fight, as Frank dispatches them with speed and panache.

The show also continues to do an excellent job of covering the plight of veterans, whether through the lens of emotional testimonies delivered at Curtis’ support group or Billy using veterans’ difficulty at integrating into civilian life to recruit them for his own purposes. But that’s the only issue it handles well. This season isn’t even making an attempt to add any gun control messaging into its trigger-happy script. While the Amy and John plot makes some comments on racism, homophobia, and the outsized influence of corporations on American politics, they’re little more than throwaway lines meant to provide a bit of exposition between fight scenes.

Photo: Cara Howe / Netflix

Netflix has already canceled most of its Marvel lineup: Daredevil, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage have all been shut down, as Marvel brings its licensed properties home to prepare for the launch of a new Disney streaming service later this year. It’s almost certain that The Punisher will share the same fate. Luckily, the writers knew the end was coming. While this season is disappointing on many levels, it at least doesn’t end with a cliffhanger or by setting up stories that will never come to fruition.

For all its flaws, season 2 comes to a satisfying close, wrapping up its plots with appropriately bloody ends and hinting at the path ahead for Frank and his allies. The Punisher’s quest for vengeance may finally be complete, but his quest for justice outside the bounds of the law will never end. In one of season 2’s most poignant scenes, Frank admits to his allies that he wasn’t changed as much as he might like to think by his family’s death. “This is who I always was,” he says of his violent tendencies. And it’s who he always will be. We likely just won’t see how his next battle plays out.

In America, season 2 of The Punisher arrives on Netflix on January 18th.

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Alexa’s news-reading voice just got a lot more professional

Alexa’s news-reading voice just got a lot more professional

Starting today in the US, Alexa will now read out the news in a much more natural, human-like way by selectively emphasizing certain words in a sentence in the same way a real newscaster would. The new voice, which Amazon first announced last November, can be heard when you ask Alexa for your daily news briefing using the query, “Alexa, what’s the latest?”

Amazon created the new voice by using machine learning to analyze audio clips from actual news channels to identify patterns in the way newscasters speak. This “neural text-to-speech” method means that Alexa knows which syllables to emphasize and which to skim past, rather than pronouncing them all equally as it previously did. You can hear the difference in the sample audio clips below.

In addition to the newscaster voice, Alexa also adopts a different style when reading out information from a Wikipedia page. You can hear how this sounds in the clips below.

Amazon has previously experimented with different Alexa voices, such as a whisper mode, but this machine learning method has the potential to quickly train Alexa to speak in a variety of different styles. It took just a few hours of data to train Alexa to speak like a newscaster, Amazon says, suggesting that more voices are a very real possibility.

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Use This ‘Most Popular Netflix Show in Each State for 2018’ List to Find New Shows to Watch

Use This ‘Most Popular Netflix Show in Each State for 2018’ List to Find New Shows to Watch

Image: Pexels

If you have a Netflix account then you’ve probably binge watched at least a show or two. But are you binge-watching the same thing your neighbors are?

High-Speed Internet recently took a look at what the most popular shows to watch were on the service and broke those answers down by state.

It found that overall the most popular show on the service is 13 Reasons Why. It took the top honors in seven states: Connecticut, Illinois, Mississippi, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, and Rhode Island. The End of the F***ing World came in second place. It was the top show in six cities: Arizona, Iowa, Maine, Nevada, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.


Every state had just one favorite, but the District of Columbia managed to have a 16-way tie.

Image: High Speed Internet

Knowing that you’re watching the same things as the rest of the state probably isn’t the most shocking news. That said, the list can be a decent way to discover new shows. The entire state of Montana can’t be wrong about Dark, right?


Also, if you’ve been watching the top show in your own state and have been dying to talk about it, now you know there’s a solid chance that a few of your friends are tuning in as well.

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Wednesday’s Best Deals: Anker Speakers, Puma Gear, Contigo Bottles, and More

Wednesday’s Best Deals: Anker Speakers, Puma Gear, Contigo Bottles, and More

PowerBeats3 Headphones, USB-C Chargers, and a Chef’sChoice Deli Slicer lead off Wednesday’s best deals.

Bookmark Kinja Deals and follow us on Twitter and Facebook, or sign up for our newsletter to never miss a deal.

Best Tech Deals

Monoprice 45W USB-C Wall Charger + USB-C Charging Cable | $11 | Monoprice | Promo codes PICKME and PICKB
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Monoprice’s 45W USB-C wall charger is ugly as sin, but we’re willing to forgive that at this price. Just add the charger and a white USB-C cable to your cart, and use promo codes PICKME and PICKB at checkout to get both for just $11. Even without the cable, that’s the best price we’ve ever seen on a USB-C charger with that much power. If you own a laptop, a Switch, or anything else that can take advantage of those charging speeds, it never hurts to have a spare charger around the house.


Note: I had trouble getting both codes to work at the same time, but removing the cable and adding it back to my cart did the trick.

Aukey Power Cube | $19 | Amazon | Promo code AUKEYK06
Photo: Amazon

If you want to be able to plug things in at your desk without squeezing your arm behind it, or awkwardly crouching down to find a power strip, this cube-shaped charger from Aukey sits atop of your desk, and includes four easy-to-access AC outlets, plus three USB charging ports. Just use promo code AUKEYK06 at checkout to get it for $19.

Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker | $23 | Amazon
Photo: Anker

Anker’s reader-favorite SoundCore Bluetooth speaker spawned a whole line of products, but the original model is still great, and it’s back on sale for a great low price of $23, no promo code required.

The SoundCore’s headlining feature is its 24 hour battery life, and in my experience, that’s a conservative estimate. It also packs in dual 6W drivers for room-filling sound, and looks pretty great to boot.

PowerBeats3 Wireless Headphones | $90 | Daily Steals via Facebook
Graphic: Tercius Bufete

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably spent a lot of January in the gym and too much time listening to other dudes excessively grunt. Luckily these $90 PowerBeats3 headphones are down to one of their lowest prices ever.


Before you wag your finger about sound quality, Beats have come a long way in recent years, improving a lot since being acquired by Apple. And this pair even include the easy-pairing W1 chip, making them a great option for iPhone-owning fitness buffs, or anyone whose ears aren’t compatible with AirPods (see: me). Grab a pair in “Neighborhood Collection” colors, which include Break Blue, Turf Green, Asphalt Gray and Brick Red.

This is a $10 markdown from the price currently on Amazon.

TaoTronics Nine Hour Bluetooth Earbuds | $16 | Amazon | Promo code KINJA26V
Graphic: Shep McAllister

It’s 2019, which means you almost definitely already own a pair of Bluetooth earbuds. But I submit that you should actually have a second, spare pair that can live in your luggage or gym bag, for when you inevitably forget your favorites at home.


This pair from TaoTronics is sweatproof, magnetic, and most importantly of all, runs for nine hours on a charge, which is about as good as it gets for wireless earbuds. Not bad for $16 (with code KINJA26V).

Perlesmith Articulating TV Wall Mount | $37 | Amazon | Clip the coupon and use the promo code UJQE85K9
Photo: Amazon

If you got yourself a new TV during the holidays (or even more recently), it’s cheaper than you might think to mount it to your wall. This highly rated Perlesmith mount can support TVs up to 70" and 132 pounds, and it’s only $37 today with promo code UJQE85K9 stacked with the coupon on the page, complete with bonus accessories like a level, cord ties, and an HDMI cable. Unlike some less expensive mounts we’ve seen, this one supports full articulation and swiveling, so you can adjust your TV’s positioning whenever you want.

Mohu Leaf 30 HDTV Antenna | $22 | Amazon
Mohu Leaf 50 HDTV Antenna | $46 | Amazon
Mohu Curve 50 HDTV Antenna | $48 | Amazon
Photo: Amazon

You don’t need to cable subscription or an expensive “cord cutter” over-the-top package to watch the rest of the NFL playoffs (and a lot of March Madness)…you just need an antenna sufficient to pull in local channels where you live.

Mohu has long made some of the best and most popular leaf-style HDTV antennas on the market, and a few different models have rare discounts on Amazon today, in preparation for the best sports time of the year.


The $22 Leaf 30 is probably sufficient if you live in or near a city, though things like tall buildings can make for a spotty signal.

The $46 Leaf 50 normally sells for $10 more, and includes a USB-powered amplifier that can boost weak TV signals.

The $48 Curve 50 should perform similarly to the Leaf 50, but it comes with a stand so you can set it on a shelf, rather than mounting it to a wall.

TCL 65R617 65" TV | $850 | Walmart

TCL’s affordable 6-series TVs are famous for offering every form of HDR (including top-shelf Dolby Vision), local dimming zones for better contrast and black levels, and even excellent Roku software. So if you want to upgrade before the large, important football game in a few weeks, the 65" model just dropped to a new all-time low price of $850, which is actually $80 cheaper than we saw on Black Friday.

Arlo Pro 3 Camera Security Starter Kit | $335 | Amazon
Photo: Amazon

Netgear’s Arlo home security cameras are among the few that can run completely on battery power, and the Pro models add additional touches like rechargeable batteries (rather than watch batteries), improved motion detection, two-way intercom, and a base station with 100 decibel alarm. So if you’re ready to start monitoring your home like a paranoid person, Amazon will sell you the three camera starter kit for $335 today, the best price we’ve seen outside of Black Friday.

Anker SoundCore Infini Mini Sound Bar | $70 | Amazon | Clip the $10 coupon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Anker makes sound bars now, which…yeah, that makes sense. The SoundCore Infini Mini is 21" and puts out stereo sound. And naturally, it’ll also work as a gigantic Bluetooth speaker, when it isn’t pumping audio out of your TV.


With no subwoofer built in, I probably wouldn’t use this for my main home theater. But it’s perfectly sized and priced for, say, a bedroom TV, or even a computer. Normally priced at $80, it’s down to $70 today on Amazon when you clip the $10 coupon.

Aukey Four-Port USB Travel Charger | $16 | Amazon | Promo code AUKEYD48
Photo: Amazon

Between your phone, your tablet, your smart watch, your Kindle, and your Bluetooth headphones, one or two USB ports just isn’t enough anymore when you travel. No, you probably want at least four, and this $16 Aukey charger (with promo code AUKEYD48) puts them all in one compact package.

Anker Premium 5-Port Charger With USB-C PD | $35 | Amazon
Photo: Amazon

Anker’s PowerPort line of multi-port USB chargers are our readers’ favorites, and this model is one of the few that includes USB-C Power Delivery, which outputs up to 30W to power devices like the new MacBooks, or even a Nintendo Switch. It normally sells for $54, but Anker’s knocked that down to $35 today, no promo code required.

If you’ve been curious to give YouTube TV a try, and you could use a new streaming dongle, Walmart’s running a particularly enticing deal today. $59 gets you a month of YouTube TV (a $40 value, new accounts only), plus $15 in VUDU content, meaning the Stick itself is basically tossed in for about $4.


Amazon sells the Streaming Stick+ for $60 as well, and has the same YouTube TV promotion, but no VUDU credit.

The Streaming Stick+ supports 4K and HDR content, and its remote ingeniously includes a headphone jack which makes it easy to listen to your shows in bed without disturbing others. Update: My bad, it doesn’t include a headphone jack, but the Roku app can serve the exact same function.

2-Pack Nylon-Braided 90 Degree Lightning Cables | $11 | Amazon | Promo code AUKEY90L

Given how many Lightning cables seem to wear out at the necks, it’s surprising that 90 degree cables aren’t more of a thing. You can grab two nylon braided cables for $11 from Aukey today with promo code AUKEY90L, which would be a great price for two nylon-braided Lightning cables anyway, even without the unique connector.

Anker Soundcore Life 2 Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphones | $65 | Amazon | Promo code SDCLIFE2
Photo: Amazon

Anker’s audio efforts may be best known for its plethora of Bluetooth earbuds, but they’re entering the over-ear space in a big way lately, and you can get their brand new Soundcore Life 2 noise canceling cans for just $65 today with promo code SDCLIFE2.


They fold up to fit into an included carrying case, they work both in wired and wireless mode, and they run for up to 30 hours with noise canceling enabled (60 if you’re using an AUX cable for your audio), which is excellent at this price. But what sets the Soundcore Life 2s apart from similarly priced competitors is Anker’s signature BassUp mode. Just push a button twice, and the headphones will automatically adjust their EQ to emphasize the low end of your music.

Anker PowerLine II 10' Lightning Cable | $10 | Amazon | Promo code CABK8434. Works on all four colors.
Anker PowerLine II 6' USB-C Cable | $8 | Amazon | Promo code CABKA848
Anker PowerLine II 3' USB-C Cable With High Speed Data | $15 | Amazon | Promo code CABK8485
Graphic: Shep McAllister

With TPE shells, reinforced wiring, and large, durable collars, Anker’s PowerLine II charging cables are built like tanks, and can hold up to even serial cable abusers. And if they somehow do stop working, Anker’s lifetime warranty means that you can swap them out for a new one for free.


Today on Amazon, promo code CABK8434 will get you a 10' Lightning cable for just $10, in whatever color you want. I have one of these tucked into my couch cushions. It’s long enough to comfortably reach anywhere on the couch, and durable enough to withstand me tugging on it when it gets stuck between cushions, or under the dog.

If you need a USB-C version, the 6' one is just $8 with code CABKA848, or you can get a 3' version with 10 Gbps data transfer speeds for $15 with code CABK8485.

At first glance, Anker’s SoundCore Spirits look a lot like the reader-favorite SoundBuds Slims, but they do have a few key upgrades. The big one is IPX7 water resistance, plus added sweat-countering measures from Anker that make them ideal for working out, especially compared to the IPX5-rated Slims. They also last a bit longer with an eight hour battery (vs. seven), include a built-in cord shortener, and should have a bit more bass as well.


The SoundCore Spirits have sold for $30-$40 since they launched last year, but today, they’re just $24, no promo code required.

Private Internet Access Exclusive Deals
Graphic: Private Internet Access

VPNs have been in the news, and whether you want to get around video geoblocks, circumvent proxy filters, or just keep prying eyes out of your browsing data while using sketchy public Wi-Fi, reader-favorite Private Internet Access has a deal to fit your needs.


Private Internet Access doesn’t do much in the way of discounting, but they offer exclusive pricing and packages just for our readers that you won’t find anywhere else. Here are your options, and what you’d pay if you bought the same plan elsewhere:

These deals are only for our readers, but we aren’t sure how long they’ll be available, so go ahead and sign up while you can.

Best Home Deals

eLuxurySupply Extra Thick Bamboo Mattress Pad | $77-$98 | Amazon | Promo code KDEALSMPAD
Image: Amazon

Wake up! There’s a deal that will help you get a better night’s sleep. Right now, you can take 30% off an extra thick bamboo mattress pad with promo code KDEALSMPAD, bringing the price down to $77 for a twin size and up to $98 for a California king. Just don’t snooze on this deal; it won’t last long, and as they say, early bird gets the worm.

Sylvania 60W 24-Pack LED Bulbs | $23 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

If you still haven’t upgraded your incandescent and <shudders> CFL bulbs to LED, you can do them all at once today with this $23 24-pack of Sylvania bulbs. They put out the same amount of light as a 60W incandescent while using only 8.5W of energy, meaning they’ll easily pay for themselves over time. Some local utility companies will even give you a rebate on your power bill if you send in a receipt for LED purchases, so who knows, maybe you could even get these for free.

Contigo Autoseal Stainless Steel Water Bottle (Grapevine Color Only) | $13 | Amazon
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

Just as the Contigo Autoseal travel mug is one of our readers’ favorites for keeping drinks hot, this Contigo Autoseal Stainless Steel Water Bottle is highly adept at keeping your beverages icy cold. In fact, the bottle, down to just $13 in the grapevine color, keeps your drink cold for up to 28 hours, thanks to vacuum insulation, plus an autoseal button keeps all liquid where it’s meant to be between sips. Throw in the fact that it’s dishwasher safe, and that’s enough to seal the deal for us when it comes to this water bottle.

Nuun Hydration Gold Box | Amazon
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

Water is very good for you, but what if it could be even better for you? Nuun Hydration adds flavor, along with vitamins and/or electrolytes, to you regular ol’ bottle of H2O via a fizzing tablet, and today only, you can stock up on enough packs to fill all your glasses thanks to Amazon’s Gold Box. Each easy-to-carry tube contains 10 tablets, which would be especially useful before or after your workout.

Chef’sChoice Deli Slicer | $99 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Let me start off by saying that we accept no responsibility or liability if you chop off the tip of your finger with this deli slicer. I didn’t run that by our lawyers, but I’m pretty sure we’re good.


Okay, with that out of the way, if you’ve got the space for it, $99 is the best price ever on this Chef’sChoice slicer by $69, and while it definitely takes up its fair share of space, you might get more use out of it than you’d expect. In addition to slicing meats as thick as you’d like, you can pull it out to use on cheese, veggies, and even bread. But again, please be careful.

Anker Roav DashCam S1 | $72 | Amazon | Promo code ROAVAPS6

Anker’s ever-expanding family of dash cams just got a new member, and it’s down to its best price ever today with promo code ROAVAPS6.

The Roav DashCam S1 looks just like the original model that we reviewed on The Inventory, but it shoots 1080/60 instead of 1080/30, giving you twice as many opportunities to get a clear shot of a license plate. An upgraded Sony image sensor improves low light performance, built-in GPS lets you log your trips, and it even comes with a 32GB microSD card and two port car charger in the box, so you’ll have everything you need to get started.

Secura Electric Coffee Grinder & Spice Grinder | $25 | Amazon
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

When it’s time to grind, get out this $25 Secura Grinder, now down to its lowest price. With stainless-steel blades and separate removable bowls for chopping and grinding, this grinder will have no trouble crushing anything from coffee beans, to spices, to nuts into a crumbly powder in mere seconds. It’s a deal that won’t grind your gears in the least.

Eagle Creek Quick Trip Toiletry Bag | $18 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Luggage gets all the attention, but if you ask me, the single most important travel item you can buy is a good toiletry bag. I keep one in a closet stocked with miniature versions or duplicates of all my essentials (I even bought a second Philips OneBlade), and just throw it in a suitcase without a care when it comes time to take a trip.

Eagle Creek makes some of our favorite packing cubes and duffel bags, so it stands to reason that their Quick Trip toiletry bag will be really good too. Get it for an all-time low $18 in “Brilliant Blue” today.

Keter 6'x3' Storage Shed | $365 | Walmart
Photo: Amazon

What if…and hear me out here…you could actually park your cars in your garage, and keep all your random lawn equipment, beach gear, and sports balls somewhere else? It’s possible!


This Keter 6' x 3' storage shed is on sale at Walmart for $365 right now, and can keep all of your unneeded things out of sight, until you need them. That’s about $65 less than Amazon’s current price, but you’ll need to pick it up yourself from your local Walmart to avoid the $100 freight shipping charge.

TP-Link Mini Smart Plug, 2-Pack | $40 | Amazon
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

Crawling behind your furniture to plug in and unplug your various gadgets day in and day out? That’s so last year. Bring outlets into 2019 with this $40 TP-Link Mini Smart Plug 2-Pack, which allows you to enable or disable your outlets with your smartphone, put them on an automated schedule, or control them using Alexa. All that, and they each only occupies one socket.

Gooloo Mini Air Compressor | $10 | Amazon | Promo code 9Q35YDXB
Graphic: Shep McAllister

While it’s certainly not as fast as the coin-operated air compressor at a gas station, this glove box-friendly compressor can save your bacon if you have to change a tire, or just can’t be bothered to find a bunch of quarters. And speaking of quarters, it’ll only cost 40 of them with promo code 9Q35YDXB.

Trtl Travel Pillow | $27 | Amazon | Clip the 10% coupon
Photo: Amazon

It might look like something Rey would wear while scouring for spare parts on Jakku, but this neck wrap is actually a travel pillow, and a great one at that.

The Trtl pillow uses a hidden rib system to support your neck as you doze off in your tiny coach airline seat. Just wrap Trtl around your neck, placing the ribs on whichever side you want to lay your head (including directly under your chin) pop on some noise-cancelling headphones, and try your darnedest to get some shut-eye. It looks ridiculous, sure, but I promise you that nobody on your flight cares. Honest!

In case it wasn’t obvious, the big advantage of this design is size; Trtl weighs less than 1/3 of a pound, can attach to your luggage, and is far less bulky than a memory foam pillow. While not as good as our exclusive Black Friday deal, you can get any color you want for 10% off on Amazon right now by clipping the on-page coupon.

Save 25% on Valentine’s Day Flowers | 1800Flowers | Promo code LOVEEARLY
Image: 1800Flowers

Valentine’s Day is officially one month out, which means it’s time to start planning something special for the special someone. If you’re smart, you’ll consider getting the object of your affection a bouquet of flowers, because flowers are classic, easy to procure, and — thanks to this deal from 1800Flowers — not too pricey.


For a limited time, if you order select Valentine’s Day flowers to be delivered sometime between February 9 and 14, 1800 Flowers will give you 25% off. Just use promo code LOVEEARLY and get your S.O. anything from a classic bouquet of roses or a pretty lily arrangement, to a not-so-traditional heart-shaped bamboo plant or very extra heart-shaped rose wreath. Meanwhile, I personally am feeling emotional about this puppy made out of carnations, and also this gift basket filled with chocolate. (Single men of New York City, are you listening?!)

Marpac Dohm White Noise Machine | $39 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

White noise machines are great for drowning out your internal monologue about that dumb thing to your boss three jobs ago, or when Stacy turned you down for prom, or when you forgot your lines in front of everyone in the middle school play oh god oh god just let me sleep, brain.


Marpac’s iconic Dohm machine carries a 4.2 star average from over 13,000 Amazon reviewers, and $39 is about as low as it ever gets, with a few short-lived exceptions like Gold Box deals.

bObsweep bOby Pet Robotic Vacuum (Peach or Red colors only) | $180 | Amazon
Photo: Amazon

The bObsweep bObi Pet attempts something that most robotic vacuums only pay lip service to: looking good. Its soft silicone touch sensors replace the loud (and sometimes baseboard scuffing) bumper you see on most competitors, it comes in a variety of bold colors, and its upper surface is marked only with a logo and three touch-sensitive buttons with cute names: Go!, Juice (recharge), and Waffle (clean one area of the floor in a waffle pattern).


It also comes with a virtual wall, which you rarely see in a robovac this affordable, and a full two year warranty, plus five years of subsidized service if anything goes wrong.

Its remote though. Wow. I don’t think we’ll ever see it in the MoMA. But honestly, who ever uses the remotes on these things?

Get the bObi Pet for $180 in either peach or red, since its back down to its lowest price ever right now.

Thermos Stainless Steel Beverage Can Insulator | $7 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Let’s be honest here, thin fabric koozies are mostly useful for decoration; they don’t really keep a can cold for very long. This best-selling metal Thermos contraption though? It’s the real deal.


Thermos’s stainless steel can insulator uses vacuum insulation to actually provide a barrier between your beverage and the outside world. They go so far as to claim that it will keep a can cold for up to 3 hours, and even if that’s a little bit of marketing hyperbole, what could possibly be in that can that takes more than an hour to drink?

Even during the winter months, it has the added benefit of protecting your bare skin from cold, damp cans, so you Bills and Packers fans can use it while you tailgate. (hey, there’s always next season).

Over 3,000 Amazon reviewers have given the Thermos a 4.4 star review average, and you can get one (or more!) for just $7 right now. Bottom’s up!

Anker Eufy RoboVac 11+ | $117 | Amazon \ Clip the $10 coupon
Photo: Amazon

Anker’s Eufy RoboVac 11+ isn’t the company’s newest or most powerful robotic vacuum, but it’ll still do the yeoman’s work of keeping your floors clean by bopping around your house every day with basically zero input from you. It’s also extraordinarily quiet, compared to my Roomba.

So if you still haven’t outsourced vacuuming to a robot, or you want to add one to your fleet (say, for a second floor in your house), today’s $117 deal is far and away the best price we’ve seen on this model, and in fact, it’s one of the best prices we’ve seen on any robotic vacuum, let alone a non-refurb. Just be sure to clip the $10 coupon to save on the $127 list price (which itself is a great deal).

Tacklife Digital Tire Pressure Gauge with Light | $7 | Amazon | Promo code YN4CL956
Photo: Amazon

A good tire pressure gauge is just one of those things that belongs in every car, and this $7 model from Tacklife (with promo code YN4CL956) has all the important features you need. Its screen is backlit, it’s easy to grip, and its tip doubles as a flashlight so that you can easily find the valve in the dark. What more could you want?

Thermapen Mk4 | $84 | ThermoWorks
Image: ThermoWorks

Our readers are big fans of the ever reliable Thermapen, but quality comes with a price tag to match. That’s why you should take advantage of this discount on the Thermapen Mk4 model, down from it’s usual price of $99 to $84 in yellow, green, and blue colors. The sale lasts through Tuesday, so don’t get burnt by waiting to long to add one to your kitchen tool box.

Get some good sleep and save some money with Casper’s Winter Sale, now through January 21. If you spend over $1,000, the sleep retailer will knock off $100, plus they’ll gift you with $25 to use toward a future purchase. And unlike other Casper promotions, you don’t have to buy a mattress to take advantage of it. So, feel free to stock up on new bedding, bed frames, pillows, and other Casper products using promo code WINTER, and have sweet dreams of savings.

simplehuman 58 Liter/15.3 Gallon Step Trash/Recycling Can | $160 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Simplehuman makes our readers’ favorite trash cans, and some of the only garbage holders that you’ll actually want to keep out on display, rather than hiding in a cabinet. And today, Amazon’s marked the grandaddy of them all down to $160, a match for an all-time low.


That’s a lot to spend on a garbage receptacle, I know, but this thing has every feature you could want, and it’ll last you for decades. Two side-by-side inner containers let you store your trash and recycling inside the same can, and when you remove your trash bag, you’ll find a unique single-bag dispenser right inside so you don’t forget to add a new one. Because we all know that feeling of tossing some gross, wet garbage into a trash can that we forgot to line. Not fun.

On the outside, the whole thing’s made of gorgeous stainless steel, its pedal is rated for 150,000 steps, it has a silent close lid, and it’s even backed by a 10 year warranty. Is it possible to love a trash can? I think it just might be.

Four-Pack LED Motion Lights | $17 | Amazon | Promo code VF95G48L
Photo: Amazon

This time of year, it’s probably dark already by the time you get home from work. But without any wiring to futz with, solar-powered, motion-sensing spotlights are the easiest way to illuminate your front porch or lawn, and you can get four of them for just $17 today with promo code VF95G48L. That could be one for each side of your house!

25% off Retiring Colors | Hydro Flask | Free shipping with code BBFS1-V8S59

Hydro Flask aficionados know that retiring color sales are a great chance to save on rarely-discounted drinkware. They also give you the panache of owning a Hydro Flask that people can’t buy anymore; just because the colors are being retired doesn’t mean they aren’t great.


For a limited time, you can save 25% at checkout on a variety of tumblers, bottles, coolers, and slings in Flamingo, Blueberry, Mint, Lava, and Storm. I’m pretty partial to Lava myself, Blueberry looks as effervescent as a game of Splatoon, and Storm is a very understated blue gray that’ll never be out of fashion.

Use promo code BBFS1-V8S59 for free shipping.

20% Off Select Amazon Warehouse Items | Amazon | Discount shown at checkout
Photo: Amazon

If you’re cool with buying lightly used products, it could pay off in a big way, literally. Amazon Warehouse has just launched its post-holiday shopping event, marking down thousands of used items going for 20% off their already low prices. The discounts are hitting a ton of different categories, from vacuums, furniture, laptops, and monitors.


Chances are we could also use something from this sale. Just a heads up, the discount will be shown at checkout.

Up to 40% Off Select Home Items | Urban Outfitters
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

Urban Outfitters wants to outfit your urban (or suburban, or rural, whatever) home for less. Right now, take up to 40% off bedding, decor, wall art, window treatments, tapestries, throws, and more, all of which possess that hip and cool flair that Urban has come to be known for. Go as big as a whole new look for your bed, or as subtle as a few unique accent pieces or candles; either way, you’ll be getting a good deal.

Free Shipping For Your First Year | Firstleaf Wine Club | Promo code KINJA
Photo: Firstleaf

Firstleaf is an online wine club that learns your preferences, offers tons of options, and most importantly, saves you money compared to buying from the store. It’s a solid deal any time, but it’s even better for our readers from now through the holidays.


Every new Firstleaf member gets an introductory delivery with three bottles of wine for just $15, plus $5 shipping. Every box thereafter includes six bottles for $80, plus $10 shipping. If you use this link and promo code Kinja when you sign up though, you’ll get free shipping on every box for your entire first year. That’ll save you over $100 if you get a new box every month.

Best Clothing & Lifestyle Deals

Extra 30% Off Men’s and Women’s Sale | PUMA | Promo code SALE30
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

The new year is a time to catch up on your fitness goals, and for PUMA, that means catching up with you. The athletic wear brand is taking an extra 30% off sale items for men and women. That means trendy sneakers and apparel for workouts and beyond are going much less than usual, so use promo code SALE30 and stock up for the new year.

Extra 50% Off Final Sale | J.Crew | Promo code BIGGERSALE
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

New year, new J.Crew. Kick off 2019 by filling your closet with on-sale clothes for men, women and kids from the retailer for an extra 50% off, today only. Use promo code BIGGERSALE to score the savings, but beware: This promotion only applies to final sale styles, so just be certain about your purchase before you checkout.

ProForm 505 Treadmill | $500 | Amazon | Prime members only
Graphic: Shep McAllister

If you want to work on your cardio in 2019, but don’t feel like schlepping to a gym or (gasp) running outdoors, this ProForm treadmill is cheaper than ever at $500, with free expert assembly. Even at that low price, it can go up to 10mph, incline up to 10%, and even includes a lifetime frame Warranty, a 25-year motor warranty, and one year parts & labor warranty.

Extra 40% Off Men’s and Women’s Sale | Club Monaco
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

You don’t need to be part of some exclusive club, nor do you need to have ever visited Monaco, to score great savings on chic Club Monaco apparel; anyone can take an extra 40% off their men’s and women’s sale sections for up to 65% total savings, no promo code necessary. So welcome yourself to the savings club by picking up a stylish new coat, shirt, shoes, pants or any of their other fashion-forward pieces.

Men’s and Women’s Ultra Light Down Vest | Uniqlo
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

I used to think vests were the most useless type of clothing — I mean, why not just wear a jacket? But now, I understand that it’s all about keeping your core extra warm underneath a jacket, and Uniqlo’s Ultra Light Down Vest, now on sale for $40 for both men and women, is the vest that helped me get to this place.


As the name suggests, the vest really is ultra light. So light, in fact, that it’s easy to forget you’re even wearing an extra layer. And yet, it’s still toasty warm, and comes in range of pleasing color options. Maybe the most exciting feature, though, is the fact that it comes with a tiny pouch, which easily attaches to a loop on the inside, so that you can bunch up the vest and put it away if you get too hot while you’re on the go. You could say it’s a vest worth having a vested interesting in owning.

Men’s and Women’s ASICS Flash Event | Nordstrom Rack
Image: Nordstrom Rack

Run over to Nordstrom Rack, where an ace of a deal is going on now: ASICS sneakers for both men and women are marked way down, with pairs starting at as little as $40. With a wide range of styles and colors up for grabs, they’re all the motivation you need to keep those fitness goals up and running long past January. But be sure to lace up this discount quickly; these shoes will likely sell out soon, and the deal only runs through the next three days.

Winter Clearance Sale | Sierra Trading Post | Free shipping on $89+ with code SHIP89
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Sierra Trading Post isn’t waiting for spring to kick off its winter clearance sale. For a limited time, thousands of popular coats, jackets, gloves, and other cold weather gear are on sale for up to 75% off. You’ll find favorites from the likes of Marmot, Smartwool, and Columbia included (you can sort by brand or clothing type with the side bar), so sled on over to the side, because there’s something for everyone. Plus, use code SHIP89 to get free shipping on $89 orders.

If you’ve made it through two weeks of 2019 and still haven’t given up on your fitness resolutions, Walmart’s here to help with a couple of great Gold’s Gym deals. $97 gets you the XRS 20 Olympic adjustable workout bench, and $95 gets you a 110 pound barbell set. The weights from the latter can slide onto the former as well on leg day. Just be sure to thank your delivery driver.

Diane Von Furstenberg Flash Sale | Nordstrom Rack
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

You don’t need a special occasion to don one of Diane Von s’s iconic patterned wrap dresses — especially since a slew of swingy styles, including a few tops, are on sale right now at Nordstrom Rack. But if you want to get wrapped up in a new DVF look for around 60% off, act quickly; the designer’s stock is already selling out.

40% Off Gift Sets | Stila
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

The season for giving gifts is over, but it’s never not the right time to get yourself something new. These Stila Gift Sets were clearly meant to be Christmastime stocking stuffers, but they still work the same in 2019, except now they’re 40% off. Pick up a set or two of mini lipsticks, highlights, mascaras, etc. to keep in your purse or take on trips, and make this the year you finally get your glow up on.

25% Off All Orders | Promo Code SAVE25 | L.L.Bean
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

If you’re ever planning to leave your home this winter, L.L.Bean is what you want to be wearing when you do it. The outdoorsy brand is taking 25% off your order with promo code SAVE25 in an effort to keep you cozy, when you should be feeling just plain cold. This deal will last until January 13, and seems to apply to both full-price and on-sale items. So now’s the time to stockpile Bean Boots, Wicked Good Slippers, and whatever other gear your closets can hold.

40% Off Men’s, Women’s, Kids, and Plus Sale; $30 Men’s and Women’s Sale Denim | Lucky Brand
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

Lucky you: Today, you can get stock up on a slew of bohemian-cool clothes that also happen to be marked down significantly. Lucky Brand is taking 40% off sale styles for men, women, plus, and kids, meaning you can fill your closet with shirts, tees, jackets, pants, and beyond that make you feel like you just found a four-leaf clover.


In the market for Lucky Brand’s signature denim? You’ve lucked out there, too. All marked down denim for men and women is just $30. Don’t press your luck; stock up on apparel before this sale ends.

Up to 50% Off Men’s and Women’s Sale | Fossil
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

A new year means it’s a good time time to upgrade your watches, bags, and other accessories, and Fossil, a brand that’s had your back since practically the Jurassic Period, is coming through with a deal you’ll dig. Take up to 50% off the retailer’s clearance items for men and women as part of their Semi-Annual Sale, and score a set of deeply discounted styles that will never go extinct, trend-wise.

15% off Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies and Tincture | Promo code kinja15
Photo: Sunday Scaries

If you’re having trouble sleeping, suffering from anxiety, or having trouble sleeping because you’re suffering from anxiety, Sunday Scaries CBD gummies could help. Jolie Kerr shared her thoughts on them for The Inventory, and now, our readers can save 15% for the always-stressful holiday season with promo code kinja15.

That applies to the regular gummies, the vegan versions, and the pure CBD tincture, with extra savings available if you buy in bulk, so your wallet can rest as easy as you will.

Best Media Deals

Inked and Screened Sci-Fi Prints | $13 | MassDrop
Graphic: MassDrop

Patent prints are all the rage, but you can put an extra geeky spin on your decor with these sci-fi themed ones. Blueprints of BB-8 and the Starship Enterprise, profiles of the Harry Potter wands, a flat lay of Link’s weapons from The Legend of Zelda. You’ll find all of those and more in this MassDrop sale, and they’re all just $13 for an 18"x24" print.

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms [Kindle] | $3 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Need a Westeros fix while you wait three more months for the final season? George R.R. Martin might not have any pages, but if you haven’t yet read his prequel story, A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, it’s on sale on Kindle for just $3 right now. The book actually a collection of three prequel novellas recounting the adventures of Sir Duncan the Tall and his squire, Egg, who’s actually…nah, I don’t want to spoil it.

Download it to your Kindle today for just $3.

Best Gaming Deals

LEGO London Tower Bridge | $197 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

LEGO’s ~4,300 piece London Tower Bridge is one of the most elaborate and detailed architectural sets in the LEGO ecosystem, and $197 is the best price we’ve seen since Black Friday, when it was (very briefly) available for $180. It even includes a little double decker bus! The only thing that’s not realistic is the deep blue water representing the normally brown Thames, but we’ll keep a stiff upper lip and let it slide.

PowerA Pro Controller + Joy-Con Charging Dock | $15 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

If you’ve bought a Pro Controller to go with your Switch (and you should!), this dock can charge your gamepad and a set of Joy-Con at the same time. Get it for just $15 today, an all-time low.

Crash Bandicoot? On a Nintendo console? What is going on here? The remastered N. Sane trilogy is just $30 today on Switch, Xbox One, and PS4. Even if you’ve played the originals, this is a really good remaster.


We’ve seen this go as low as $20 in the past, but today’s deal is still a solid $5-$10 less than usual.

Razer DeathAdder Elite | $40 | Amazon | Prime Member Exclusive
Graphic: Razer

Most gaming mice look like futuristic EMP grenades or snacks for Optimus Prime, but Razer’s DeathAdder series is appealing because it keeps things clean and simple.


The DeathAdder Elite raises the bar with a truly ridiculous 16,000 DPI sensor, Omron mechanical switches, full RGB backlighting, and every other feature you could want, and you can order it from Amazon for $40 today if you have a Prime subscription

MD Sports Ping Pong Table | $124 | Walmart
Graphic: Shep McAllister

If you’ve got the space for it, table tennis is by far the best indoor household game, and this MD Sports table is on sale for just $124 at Walmart today, the best price we’ve seen. When you’re not using it, the whole thing can fold up to take up less floor space, or you can fold up just one half to create a backboard for practice.

Sunset Overdrive | $7 | Amazon | Add-on
Photo: Amazon

The wonderfully over-the-top Sunset Overdrive is down to just $7 on Amazon today, a new price low. Of course, it’s an add-on but I’m sure you’ll find something to fill your cart with.

Azul | $29 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Azul was Board Game Geek’s #1 most played board game last summer, and cracked our readers’ favorite video game list, and you can add it to your own collection for $29 from Amazon. That’s within a few cents of an all-time low, but you don’t really need much of an excuse to buy this one.

Azul was designed by the world famous, award winning game author Michael Riesling. Azul captures the beautiful aesthetics of Moorish art in a contemporary board game. Players compete as artisans decorating the walls of the royal Palace of Dvora. By carefully drafting the correct Quantity and style of tiles, the most clever of artisans plan ahead to maximize the beauty of their work (not to mention their scores!) while ensuring they wasted no supplies in the process.

Seriously, this game is gorgeous, and just as importantly, it feels great to play.

Humble Stardock Bundle 2019 | Humble
Screenshot: Humble

Humble’s newest bundle comes courtesy of Stardock Entertainment, with titles like The Political Machine 2016, Galactic Civilizations III, and Offworld Trading Company included across three different tiers. As always, you can name your own price, and a portion of the proceeds to charity, but you’ll have to pony up at least $13





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January 16, 2019 at 11:23AM

British Kids From the 1960s Had Some Really Dark Predictions for the Future

British Kids From the 1960s Had Some Really Dark Predictions for the Future

Operation Teapot nuclear tests in Nevada in 1955
GIF: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Some of the most interesting predictions for the future don’t come from expert futurists or well-financed think tanks, they come from average kids. Today, we have video from the 1960s that features kids talking about their own vision for tomorrow. And it’s depressing as hell.

The footage comes from a December 28, 1966 program on the BBC. And it really is astounding to see how terrified these kids were that they would all be destroyed by nuclear explosions. Not just a small or limited nuclear war, either. These kids were convinced that the full-on apocalypse was coming.


The segment starts off optimistically enough, with one boy saying that he expects there to be spaceships, computers, and robots by the year 2000. But the piece quickly gets into some of the darker predictions, with another boy saying that there will likely be atomic bombs “dropping all over the place.”

“The world will just melt and the world will become one vast atomic explosion,” the boy explains. You can watch for yourself on YouTube.

Another boy goes on to explain that “some madmen” will get access to an atomic bomb and “blow the world into oblivion.” That boy may have come up with the idea himself, or he could’ve caught a movie like Seven Days to Noon (1950) on TV which imagines this precise scenario.


“There’s nothing you can do to stop it, the more people get bombs, somebody’s going to lose it one day,” a girl explains.

Even the “optimistic” kid in the video, who says that he doesn’t believe there will be a nuclear war, surmises that automation will create a society where almost everyone is out of work. This, of course, was a pretty common prediction for the time, as people thought robots would be doing everything by now, even leading to a higher suicide rate because people will have no purpose in their own lives.

The kids are also obsessed with overpopulation and seem convinced that people of the future will have to live under the sea and in “glass domes in the Sahara,” provided nuclear war doesn’t break out.


Assuming these kids were about 10 or 12 years old when this aired in 1966, they’d be in their early 60s today, right around British Prime Minister Theresa May’s age (she’s 62). Little did these kids know that there wouldn’t be a nuclear war, but that they would be the ones creating a completely avoidable human-made disaster called Brexit.

People in Britain are stocking up like a nuclear war is coming anyway. Best of luck, British friends. It seems like you’re going to need it after yesterday’s vote that’s put the country on a track for a no-deal Brexit.


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January 16, 2019 at 11:21AM